Project Description

Rank Residence

A love of tall spaces, fascination with stairs, extensive art collection, and the need for space to house his muscle cars, drove the design scheme for this musician.

We sited the house deep into the property at the edge of a forest, creating a rolling approach where the curves of the gravel road slowly reveal the tall, vertical house.

On the ground floor, the poured concrete garage and entry stair provide access to the home’s main level. Central to this level is a triple-height sunken living space, defined by our custom designed and fabricated winding steel stair. Open bar grating walkways allow sunlit views to and from the spaces on the upper two levels: bedrooms, a library, and a studio where the musician can write and record his music.

On the exterior, fiber cement panels define the main living level, while the upper two are clad in maintenance-free, factory finished, standing seam metal roofing. Narrow vertical windows are placed throughout the elevations, reminiscent of the notes on sheet music. These off-the-shelf Jeldwen® windows fit the dimensions between the seams of the metal, enhancing the verticality of the house and contributing to quick construction.

architect: katherine hogan architects
construction: katherine hogan architects
location: Pittsboro, North Carolina
photography: Raymond Goodman, katherine hogan architects