Project Description

Arts Sound Pavilion

This was a unique collaboration with sound artist Alyssa Miserendino, funded by Raleigh Arts, to reactivate Spring Forest Road Park and bring public art to an underserved part of the City. The brightly colored pavilion attracts curious visitors and envelops them in unique and vibrant sounds of the Amazon Rainforest under a canopy of boats turned into speakers. The pavilion design is inspired by the way local communities gather on the Amazon River, where the 24-hour sound piece was recorded. The boats are gathered close together, providing shade and creating a public canopy that radiates sound referencing the inverted world of indigenous Cofan.

The design turned upside-down canoes into instruments, using patented transducer sound technology. A transducer transforms energy from one form to another, transforming the wood into a sound source: sound without speakers. Crafted for the sound and the site of the public park, this is a place that not only promotes art, design and the integration of technology, but also will invite visitors back multiple times.

architect: katherine hogan architects
artist: alyssa miserendino
construction: katherine hogan architects
client: raleigh arts
location: raleigh, north carolina
photography: tzu chen photography