Interview by Erin Brereton

partner in the design-build firm Tonic Design + Tonic Construction

Katherine Hogan

Katherine Hogan spent the first few years of her career at a nonprofit that provided design services to small, low-income rural communities. In 2008, she joined Raleigh, North Carolina-based Tonic Design + Tonic Construction, which recently received a Small Projects Practitioners award from the AIA for its pavilion at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Hogan, an associate AIA member and a LEED AP, is a partner at Tonic, alongside firm founder Vincent Petrarca. She spoke to gb&d about the benefits of being a builder and how she plans to keep pushing the industry forward.

gb&d: How did your early work in your career help prepare you for your position at Tonic?

Katherine Hogan: I worked for Will Bruder + Partners in Phoenix for a summer and got to go back full-time when I first graduated, which was a very wonderful experience. One of his descriptors of his work is that he always tries to find the extraordinary in the ordinary—to look at a material and try to use it differently and to examine space and context, which were all really good messages. I did a fellowship after that, where I worked in year increments on particular projects. A lot of the work was to further socially conscious design. I’ve done some really interesting projects and got to understand the client as not just someone who comes to you with a significant amount of money—the client is any person who needs a building.

gb&d: You’ve been with Tonic Design since 2008. How did you come to specialize in residential and small-scale commercial projects? READ MORE…